Bisexuals, we exist too

bisexualIn recent years, more people are starting to identify or come out as bisexual, according to the latest national survey. But there is still an overwhelming amount of confusion about this particular sexual orientation.

Partners of bisexual people may believe their partner is more likely to cheat just because they’re attracted to multiple genders. Others just believe the orientation is a phase — that once a bisexual person marries, they have settled for one gender. But these are just false accusations.

In reality, bisexual people are just as likely to be great partners as someone who is heterosexual or homosexual, being attracted to multiple genders doesn’t change that factor.

But people who are attracted to multiple genders are less likely to come out than their homosexual counterparts because many are just confused about bisexuality. Some are afraid their sexuality won’t be taken seriously.

Others will try to chop a bisexual person into percentages: They’re 50% gay, 50% straight, or 20% gay, 80% straight. But a sexuality is not a percentage.

These myths hold a power not only in the heterosexual community but also the homosexual one. Bisexuals struggle with not being gay enough, or not being straight enough.

However, up to 40% of the LGBTQ+ community identifies as bisexual.

To be more accepting of bisexuals, trust them when they come out and realize that it’s not a phase. One of the most demeaning things that can be said to a bisexual woman is that she’s just bisexual to get male attention.

It is true that many are “bicurious” or “experiment” with other genders, but this isn’t an excuse to wave off those who do identity with the sexuality.

We are humans too.

Video: “Why Don’t People Believe in Bisexuality?” by DNews

Cover photo: This is the bisexual flag. By Paige Fry


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