To the UF senator who snapchatted a woman breastfeeding

On Sunday, Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, came to the University of Florida to give a public speech to Gainesville residents and students.

Most people who went were Clinton supporters or curious about Clinton and Kaine’s platform. But one person seemed to be paying more attention to a woman breastfeeding in the corner.

Let’s call this person Sarah.

So, Sarah, you came to a Tim Kaine rally. Congratulations on attempting to be politically involved, I can’t knock you on that. Although, I would be surprised if you didn’t attend or attempt to attend considering you’re one of our elected student senators.

Did you enjoy the rally, Sarah? Did you think what Kaine said was knowledgeable or moving in any way? Did you not like Kaine’s tone?

Or did you think it was more appropriate to take a picture of a woman sitting next to a wall openingly breastfeeding her infant?

Sarah, I’m sure you’ll say that it was just for fun. You probably didn’t think a fellow student would screenshot your snapchat story making fun of this woman. It was probably just for jokes, wasn’t it, Sarah?

I’m sorry your internalized misogyny has been engraved so deep in you that you can’t help but make fun of a woman for using her breasts to feed her child, which is what breasts were made for.

Did you think about how babies who were breastfed, on average, have less ear infections, diarrhea and stomach problems?

Or maybe you just didn’t think about how breastfeeding can save mothers more than $1,500.

Well, Sarah, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe your problem isn’t breastfeeding itself. Maybe you’re just upset that particular mother was breastfeeding in public.

Because how dare a woman show her breasts in public if not for the public’s sexual attention.

How dare she use her breasts for, like I already said but will say again, what her breasts were made for.

Maybe, Sarah, you would argue she should just breastfeed in a bathroom because I’m sure you also feel comfortable eating your lunch in a germ infested space.

And besides breastfeeding being completely lawful, Sarah, it’s just demeaning to shove our mothers into bathrooms because we just aren’t comfortable looking at them.

Sarah, next time you see a woman nursing her child, you shouldn’t shame her on social media. You could just turn your head if you can’t stand the thought of breasts.


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