White women caused a Trump presidency

Over half of white women voted for Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton failed to win over her own demographic. White women seem to have chosen their race over their gender.

62% of white women without a college degree voted for Trump, and 53% of all white women voted for him. Some are calling this the ‘very shy Trump vote.’

This statistic proves that white women hold themselves in a position of power over other minorities. They may not be racist or have internalized misogyny. But they voted for a man with double-digit sexual assault accusations, and a man who thinks it’s okay to admit groping women.

These women have the privilege to overlook the offensive things Trump has said about minorities, and this can be an issue. If white women aren’t willing to use their privilege to help minority women, then the next four years will be full of hardships.

In comparison, 94% of black women and 68% of Latino women voted for Clinton. The differences between these races cannot be ignored.

White women who voted for Trump will now have to take responsibility for things Trump presidency may do to set back women rights. He said he plans to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade.

Someone is not a bad person if they voted for Trump. But they aren’t a good person if they’ll excuse the misogyny and racism that develops towards women of color during his presidency.

It’s time to work together and help each other as women.


Cover photo: Donald Trump supporters watch the election results roll in at a watch party in Gainesville, Florida. Photo by Paige Fry


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